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Review: GPC Travel Mode Case for DJI Inspire 2

DJI’s new Inspire 2 drone is a significant investment worth protecting. That investment includes a carrying case. Unfortunately, its design leaves much to be desired. Fortunately there’s a San Diego based company called Go Professional Cases (GPC) specializing in protective cases for drones and related accessories.

Sky Bandit Pictures has been flying aerial cinematography drones for productions since 2012. Having recently acquired an Inspire 2 for our fleet, we needed a case that offered heavy duty protection to endure any travel scenario and was designed to not only accommodate our entire drone package but organized well to help us store and access our equipment efficiently. Having been impressed with a GPC purchase in the past, we ordered the Travel Mode version of their i2 case.

Upon delivery I was instantly impressed and knew I had made the right choice. At 27 pounds empty the case is heavy but that speaks to its durability. Rugged wheels and a handle that extends and locks into place is a thankful inclusion (my back ain’t what it used to be). Heavy duty latches on the front and sides keep the lid securely closed creating a waterproof and dust-tight seal. The inclusion of padlock holes guarantee the case will never come open unintentionally no matter the abuse it may take. Inside, GPC’s custom foam is designed to maximize protection in combination with optimal storage layout. I’ve heard that GPC goes through tons of foam in development and I believe it - the proof is in their signature blue topped precision cut inserts. This thoughtfulness is further revealed in how they layer storage. I was going to comment that I just wish they had designed the insert to allow space for a couple more batteries but upon visiting the interactive “Fits” section of their website, noticed that they cleverly made room for this underneath the X4/X5S Camera Box!

I’ll be frank – after dropping a good chunk of change on a complete Inspire 2 package I struggled with the idea of spending what could be another 240GB SSD for a case. The moment I received and transported my precious gear into it, that silly notion evaporated – worth every penny and I wouldn’t change a thing. Actually, I do have one request…a way to maintain that fantastic new case smell!

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