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MōVI Inverted Options | VidMuze

alta-m15-vidmuzeIf you own a Freefly MōVI, you should know by now that you can shoot inverted or in over-slung mode.

The M5 and M15 are the only two MōVIs that supported inverted mode.  M10 users could not go inverted due to the fact that the pan knuckle clamps could slip and allow the entire CG of the MōVI to be extremely off balanced.  If this was to happen while in the air on an Alta… it would be a bad day.  Freefly does now offer an upgrade for you M10 users that is similar to the M5’s keyed aluminum tube.  It's only $300 dollars.  Click here to purchase.

Now, we at VidMuze Aerial Cinema, LLC fly heavy lifter drones.  So here are a few tips that we picked up when flying inverted.

alta-movi-tips-tricksFirst - on the Alta 6, it can be difficult to get to the battery tray when swapping batteries since the tray is on the bottom of the Alta when flying in "skyview".  Those of you who still fly your MR or Aero legs on your MōVI while flying inverted can flip the entire drone system onto the legs of the gimbal.

This allows the Alta to sit upside down, while you go swap batteries.  If you have the Alta 8, you don’t need to do this since Freefly designed the a quick release sliding tray.

Tip #2. - How can you prevent upside down footage when shooting in inverted mode?  When we shoot inverted we can easily flip the image digitally with the proper kind of field monitors.  Most monitors like SmallHD can flip the image for you, however the HUD (heads up display) of the camera is still upside down.  This is not helpful since you’re needing to read all of your camera setting's upside down.

movi-m15-alta-invertedThis is somewhat useful, but there’s a better way…  Without too much additional setup, you can invert the MōVI.  You'll then rotate the entire cage so that the IMU is on the bottom.  Then simply install your camera back in.  The camera actually is mounted in backwards, but once the MōVI is powered on and engaged, the gimbal works just the same. You don’t even have to reverse your tilt channel.  Now your footage and HUDs won’t be upside down and even your editor will thank you for you making their job easier!

movi-controller-tilt-limitsLast tip are your MōVI limits.  With the MōVI you can set tilt degree limits so that you don’t tilt the camera too high or too low.  When flying inverted, we can set the limits to prevent the gimbal operator from tilting into the props and booms of the Alta.  It’s always best to keep your props out of frame, so take advantage of setting up your tilt limits.

So we hope this video was helpful and you were able to learn a few more about the Alta and MōVI.

If you want to learn more about VidMuze, head on over to our website.

Those of you wanting to learn more about professional aerial cinematography, check out our Drone Tutorial Series.

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