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A Quick Comment on a Forbes Article on Drones

I wanted to add a few points on the “Disruptive regulation, or ‘Mother May I?’” section of the recent Forbe’s article Drone Disruption: The Stakes, The Players, And The Opportunities It seems that much of the focus of the VC money…

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Three Recent Changes to 333 Exemption Amendments

The FAA started posting amendments on 3/7/2016 which are different from what the FAA has been previously doing. In the past, the FAA was granting amendments to petitions to add aircraft or to add on closed-set TV/movie filming. This created…

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Drone Tutorial Series for Filmmakers v2.0

[embedded content]It’s been a long journey, however after almost 5 months, we finally finished our Drone Tutorial Series for Filmmakers v2.0! As many of you know, we’ve been in the film industry for over 15 years, and once heavy lifters…

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Connex Mini Wireless HD Downlink Review

[embedded content]We love using our Amimon Connex system, whether it’s on our aerial rigs or on the ground for gimbal operation and film set monitoring. Now we have the Connex Mini, which is essentially the size and specs of the…

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Tattu Plus Battery Review

[embedded content] Tattu batteries are specifically designed for use with multi-rotors, and have gained a reputation for being some of the best and most reliable UAV batteries on the market. We use the standard Tattu batteries on our heavy lifters…

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Alleged Crash Between an Airplane and a Drone

It was reported that on Thursday morning a drone and a 1960’s Cessna 172 collided in the air over Costa Rica. It is alleged that the Cessna hit the drone with its right wing strut. This is NOT the wing but the strut supporting…

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Don’t Drink and Drone

Since the holidays are coming up, I thought I should write a short blog post to educate individuals on one of the lesser known regulations regarding flying drones and drinking. This blog post is going to address only those individuals operating commercially…

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